Amargosa Dunes Tour

Aptly named, the Amargosa Big Dunes exceed 500 feet in height and are absolutely breathtaking in their immensity. The site is 2 hours from the Strip and our package comes in custom pre-booked excursion form. Like all our adventures we provide a free shuttle from your hotel and back. Because this is a whole day excursion, we will feed you lunch and of course keep you hydrated with plenty of complimentary ice-cold bottled water. The Amargosa dunes are so steep and so tall that you’re not likely to get to the top of many of the larger ones, but we know you’ll have fun trying. These are the tallest dunes in North America! One of the best parts are the huge ‘bowls’ formed between the large dunes. You zip towards the bottom only to race back up the other side, then turn around and repeat. This is a free roaming adventure, which means we’ll show you how to drive the buggies and navigate over the sand razorbacks, but then you’re free to explore all on your own. Our staff stays on site to assist as needed and to make sure you’re having a safe adventure. If the 2 hour shuttle ride from Las Vegas seems too long, ask about arranging a helicopter to whisk you up from the Las Vegas airport on the south end of the strip. We can make it happen for an additional fee. You can also arrange a 24-hour tour where you rent a motor home which we pick up and provision for you. The camp fire and smores are included!


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