Valley of Fire Tour

All ATV Tour’s Valley of Fire Tour has been voted “Best ATV Tour in Las Vegas” for 5 years in a row, and with good reason! The area you’ll be riding in has been featured in numerous publications as one of the top off-road riding areas in the United States and being the only ATV tour and rental company that is approved to ride in the Valley of Fire, you’re time with us will be a unique one.

While riding through the Valley of Fire you may occasionally encounter Big Horn sheep and other wild life, but what the Valley of Fire is most known for is it’s world renowned rock formations and red sand. The wonder and beauty of the ride can only be described as breathtaking.

While touring┬áthe Valley of Fire, you may think it looks a little familiar and that’s because it has been featured in numerous productions such as The Professionals, Airwolf (TV Show), Total Recall, Star Trek Generations, Domino and Transformers. Yes, you can visit the land of Kirk and Spock and the Autobots. However, no teleporting is allowed, both the State of Nevada and the BLM are very protective of the fragile environment and delicate ecosystem, and here at All ATV Tours we’re very supportive of keeping the Valley in the best condition as possible.

All ATV Rentals takes you through the Logandale trail system that brings you into and through the most picturesque parts of the Valley of Fire. The Valley Of Fire Off Road ATV tour is taken “At Your Leisure” and the time spent on trail will vary from 3 to 4 hours depending on how long you choose to enjoy the scenery at the various stops along the trail… no rush, you can enjoy your ride!

Pickup time in our complimentary shuttle is at 9 AM for September through April, and 7 AM for May through August. Please allow 8 hours from resort pickup to resort drop off.

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